Friday, November 16, 2012

Project Christmas Stamps: Stamp 3

Hello hello! I bring another card with me today. Another one of those stamps I got at, yes you guessed it right, Riot! I'm quite obsessive that way, I see stamps, I buy stamps, LOL! So I'd bought a bunch of these on a Christmas theme spree. The Christmas carols playing at the store, the store attendants wearing cute Santa hats and a general feeling of 'oh-it's-Christmas' all together created the perfect setting to get hypnotised and buy half a dozen rubber stamps that day! This is the stamp -

And here's the card -

With this card I actually didn't know where I was going and it ended up being eclectic. And I like it! It's something totally out there, you either love it or you hate it kind of a thing. Husby hated it, me, I quite like it :) There's something interesting about that jolly Santa juxtaposed there with the unconventional choice of two seemingly uncoordinated pattern papers. Whatever, no need to muse over it so much I guess, I like how it turned out, ha!
Of course, how can Santa not have some Christmas sparkle right? So I ran a line of stickles around his cap. More bling with some sparkly rhinestones and just some highlighting with a white gel pen and a plum marker.
I didn't add any sentiment. Somehow every time I look at the smiling Santa, there's a really deep Ho-Ho-Ho that plays in my it just me, am I hearing voices again? Just kidding! I think Santa does the talking in this card J

So that's Stamp 3 in my Project Christmas Stamps. Have you started making cards for the holidays yet?

Happy Crafting!