Monday, April 28, 2014

And when it rains, it pours!

Hey ya'll!

Just when I thought there was some excitement in my life, my back decided to give up on me! It seems my (t)rusty old back had had enough...after two babies and a couple of years of neglecting good advice, my lower back just froze one morning. I couldn't get off my bed, I couldn't sit, I couldn't walk - I couldn't do anything unassisted. My eyes filled with fear and tears, "What if I couldn't stand up straight, ever?". OMG! The things we take for granted! After half a day of excruciating pain and the terror of ending up with a slip-disc, seeing a doctor was the obvious thing to do. Turned out my lower spine had taken a lot of beating from the strains of everyday life. "You need complete rest!", said the doctor. So that translated to no picking up my little man, no picking up anything heavy, no house work (yay to that, by the way!), no nappy changes (yay to that too!), nothing. Just plain and simple rest, rest and more rest. And medication. Oh yes, the blessed little pills that knock you off completely, LOL! So then, thanks to my hubster, I rested. I rested while he looked after the kids, cooked and cleaned up. Bless him! And now, I'm so much better. I can sit up and walk and be myself again, hallelujah!

Anyway, that was my little woeful story. But all this stalled my craft room transformation. It's going to take longer than I'd planned. Damn! Oh well, better late than never, I guess? There has been a whole lot of progress though. Thanks to Linnie & Shiva (again) the furniture was all up pretty soon. Then we went shopping for storage - fun 'n' pretty storage. I have a colour theme going...won't say it just yet : -) It's fun to go shopping, looking for pretty things in a specific colour (or two).

So, it shouldn't be too long. I'll share e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about the room here soon. Now, where's hubby? The little man needs a nappy change (wink).

Happy Crafting!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The end of a hiatus...

Hello there! (is anyone even there?) I'm hopeful that the long hiatus ends here. From this post on, I hope I'm able to keep posting here regularly. I hope I'm able to spend more time crafting and creating, and feel the peace within. I hope.

My crafting space (and husby's home office) is going through a much needed makeover, yippee! And all thanks to our friends 'cos if not for them, we would never have gotten off the couch and actually done something about it. So now this has turned into an exciting and fun little project for us :-)

Okay, want to see the study that had turned into a portal to clutter-hell?
In there, hidden somewhere, is a pretty little craft room (and a home-office). And we're determined to uncover it. Then, I can actually go into my happy place and do what I love doing :-)

I just want to take a moment and say something about 'positive influencing'. Yes, that's what our friends - Linnie (Malini) & Shiva are kind of doing to us now. It's something like peer-pressure for grown-ups, only in the most positive, encouraging and motivating way :-) Like I said before, if not for them, we would still be on the couch, drooling over all the picture-perfect rooms on Pinterest and sighing in despair, doing nothing about it. I tell you, with two little ones who need a lot of attention and looking after, it's not easy to be self-motivated. So Linnie, with her organising and decorating expertise (see her blog, ColoursnMe), kindly offered to help me kick my butt off the damn couch and help make it the perfect place to be creative. And husby darling generously offered to finance the entire project, aka, The Much-needed Makeover!
Am I excited or what??

After a long day of clearing out the room and a trip to Ikea, this feels almost surreal -
There's a lot of work to be done and I'm confident we will do it all. And I'm most excited about sharing it all here with you, and maybe being a positive influence on someone else out there, in creative space!
Will be back soon with more updates.
Until then, Happy Crafting!