Monday, August 13, 2012

Peter Rabbit Themed Party Supplies

A post a day, woo-hoo am I on a roll or what?

Anyway, I just finished an order for a very sweet client and so I thought I'd share my creations with y'all.
It's a Peter Rabbit themed birthday party and the idea was entirely my client's. I simply designed everything based on her chosen theme and I had so much fun all along :)

First up, party invites. Made these on my Silhouette, which is freakin' awesome! Did I not mention that before, hahahaha!

Of course, it had to have a coordinating envelope :) These invites have a little magnet at the back so mommy can slap it on to the fridge and remember to send her little girl/boy to the party, how cute!

Next, these darling little tags. My client wanted them for the favor baskets. I found a bunny silhouette and cut  out a bunch using my Silhouette (heh). Then I pulled out my trusted Cuttlebug and some round punches to put the tags together. Finished off with some ribbon.

Okay, next these table cards. Dessert Tables are becoming very popular at parties. And why not? Who doesn't like candy and cake and cookies and chocolate? Mmmmm sugary bliss :) When she first mentioned these I didn't quite know what they were, but I think these table cards are such a cute idea!

And then, these cutesy flags for straws! Didn't know these either :) Now I do. See other picture for the idea.


So that's the Peter Rabbit project. I had so much fun with it :)

If you want custom party supplies, please contact me. My email ID is on the top right. I'd be more than glad to help with your next party :)

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crafting will always be a part of me...

It almost made me cry when I saw the date on my last post!

Suddenly, I seem to have lost control over life. Not that I was in total control before, still. There's just so much to do and so little time! I had never imagined that I would be so swept away with the's almost as if a strong gust of wind is trying to take (a reluctant) me along with it. Where to, I don't know. All I want to do is stay still for a while, with my eyes closed and pretend that I never have to open them again. Keep them shut while gazing into my inner peace, forever. Sigh! Overwhelmed is what I am right now...

I thought I could do it all. I thought I'd be this super cool mum who reads to her little girl, cooks for her darling husband, does the laundry, diets, exercises and stays slim, and makes gorgeous stuff in the craft room. How I dream! Reality is a totally different picture.

These should tell you something about my state of mind right now :)

(Courtesy: Pinterest, of course!)

Yeah! Being a stay-at-home-mum IS a job! A job that goes on and on, doesn't have an eight-hour shift and no weekends off, well technically. Oh don't think I'm complaining just gets too much to handle at times and a good rant usually lets off some steam :)

Anyway, so I thought I'd do something about the 'I-miss-crafting' itch that's been there for way too long now. 'Even if it means something really simple', I thought and made this peg-pail (well, technically it's not a big project, but was just enough to whet my appetite for something make-y do-ey). It's an empty yogurt container. I had to rinse it out anyway before I chucked it into the recycle bin, but then the hoarder in me somehow made me put it on the dish drainer. So there it was, all clean and white and I had to use it for something. So I grabbed a few Sharpies and sat down with Little Miss on her play mat and turned an empty plastic pail into something simple and very useful in my laundry room. 

And it wasn't a big ordeal too as Little Miss seemed to enjoy picking out the colours for me :)

Crafting mommies out there would nod with me when I say it could be a challenge to sit down and craft with a little crawler who wants to touch every little craft supply that mommy has out! But this was easy...

You know something (I told you I was going to ramble) this little project made me think of my Grandma. She is one person who inspires me to be enterprising and productive. She would never waste anything and would try and get as many creative uses out of an object. Hers were simpler times where an empty cough-syrup (glass) bottle would turn into a little kerosene-filled lamp with thick twine running through the drilled bottle cap. Several of these would dot the beautiful old country home during power-cuts, lighting the rooms softly as rain and thunder ruled the night outside. 

I love the heart-warming effect crafting has on me, sigh!

Here's hoping for more!
Happy Crafting!