Monday, March 29, 2010

Good friends are life's little treasures!

Husby darling & I went visiting our friends yesterday. We dropped by at three different homes, all in one evening and on our way back home I couldn't help thinking how blessed we are to have found these gems! Truly, good friends are forever :) 

This card I made says all about me - 'a friend and some coffee' - the combo can hardly go wrong!

And now, about the card itself...although I love how this card looks, a closer look will tell you how important it is to print digi stamps on quality card stock. I printed this particular one on a piece of scrap white and it just revolted against the water colour pencils. So, lesson learnt - don't take card stock for granted.

Featured here on the card are Joyce and Marcy from In Style Stamps . I love how much fun you can have with the look of the girls, just dress them up in your favourite colours and patterns.

Back soon with more. 
Happy Crafting!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Colouring Fun!

Isn't this duo simply adorable? I found this image on Free Digital Stamps. I totally enjoyed colouring it with my watercolour pencils. Digi stamps and colouring - my two latest favourites :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back in Sydney from my trip to my hometown, Bangalore, in India. It was a 'home-away from home' kind of thing :) I'd told myself that I'd continue to blog while I'm there, especially because India is a such a colourful place that I wouldn't find it hard to find things to blog about! However, time flew and I had so much fun spending time with family and friends, shopping, eating, etc. and sadly, I couldn't really post on my blog regularly.
But I'm back now! I've been missing everyone back in Bangalore since I've come back and here's a card that's perfect for the way I feel right now...

Hope I feel better soon as I slowly settle back into my routine life here...

Will be back soon with more cards!

Happy Crafting!