Monday, April 14, 2014

The end of a hiatus...

Hello there! (is anyone even there?) I'm hopeful that the long hiatus ends here. From this post on, I hope I'm able to keep posting here regularly. I hope I'm able to spend more time crafting and creating, and feel the peace within. I hope.

My crafting space (and husby's home office) is going through a much needed makeover, yippee! And all thanks to our friends 'cos if not for them, we would never have gotten off the couch and actually done something about it. So now this has turned into an exciting and fun little project for us :-)

Okay, want to see the study that had turned into a portal to clutter-hell?
In there, hidden somewhere, is a pretty little craft room (and a home-office). And we're determined to uncover it. Then, I can actually go into my happy place and do what I love doing :-)

I just want to take a moment and say something about 'positive influencing'. Yes, that's what our friends - Linnie (Malini) & Shiva are kind of doing to us now. It's something like peer-pressure for grown-ups, only in the most positive, encouraging and motivating way :-) Like I said before, if not for them, we would still be on the couch, drooling over all the picture-perfect rooms on Pinterest and sighing in despair, doing nothing about it. I tell you, with two little ones who need a lot of attention and looking after, it's not easy to be self-motivated. So Linnie, with her organising and decorating expertise (see her blog, ColoursnMe), kindly offered to help me kick my butt off the damn couch and help make it the perfect place to be creative. And husby darling generously offered to finance the entire project, aka, The Much-needed Makeover!
Am I excited or what??

After a long day of clearing out the room and a trip to Ikea, this feels almost surreal -
There's a lot of work to be done and I'm confident we will do it all. And I'm most excited about sharing it all here with you, and maybe being a positive influence on someone else out there, in creative space!
Will be back soon with more updates.
Until then, Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Year and hopefully New and Better Habits!

Hey there!

Pathetic is just the word that springs right at me when I see my last post!
What started as a nice decent series ended even before it even took off properly, sheesh!
Well, here's to the New Year and new beginnings (hopefully!)

We just got back from a much-deserved holiday and it was destination California! Three whole weeks well spent with family, lots of laughter, lots of love and lots of shopping!

I for one couldn't help shaking my head in vigorous approval when I saw all the scrumptious craft goodies, and at such affordable prices too! So it's no big wonder that I bought quite a load of exciting crafting supplies. But right now, they all have to be organised, neatly so they work their magic on me and I actually put them to some good use. I need to get working on my craft room, enough with the excuses I guess!

So, here's hoping that this new year brings with it all things positive, all things fun and all things happy!
Wishing you all a creative, crafty and wonderful 2013!

Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Project Christmas Stamps: Stamp 3

Hello hello! I bring another card with me today. Another one of those stamps I got at, yes you guessed it right, Riot! I'm quite obsessive that way, I see stamps, I buy stamps, LOL! So I'd bought a bunch of these on a Christmas theme spree. The Christmas carols playing at the store, the store attendants wearing cute Santa hats and a general feeling of 'oh-it's-Christmas' all together created the perfect setting to get hypnotised and buy half a dozen rubber stamps that day! This is the stamp -

And here's the card -

With this card I actually didn't know where I was going and it ended up being eclectic. And I like it! It's something totally out there, you either love it or you hate it kind of a thing. Husby hated it, me, I quite like it :) There's something interesting about that jolly Santa juxtaposed there with the unconventional choice of two seemingly uncoordinated pattern papers. Whatever, no need to muse over it so much I guess, I like how it turned out, ha!
Of course, how can Santa not have some Christmas sparkle right? So I ran a line of stickles around his cap. More bling with some sparkly rhinestones and just some highlighting with a white gel pen and a plum marker.
I didn't add any sentiment. Somehow every time I look at the smiling Santa, there's a really deep Ho-Ho-Ho that plays in my it just me, am I hearing voices again? Just kidding! I think Santa does the talking in this card J

So that's Stamp 3 in my Project Christmas Stamps. Have you started making cards for the holidays yet?

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project Christmas Stamps: Stamp 2

**Scroll down to see my guest post on Aalayam**

Hi! I'm back again with another stamp. This is Stamp 2 in my series, read about Project Christmas Stamps and see Stamp 1 here.

Got this one at Riot, a simple, no-fuss sentiment stamp.

And here's the card I made - 

Don't you think the card reflects the simplicity of the stamp itself? I decided to use the sentiment as the focal element here and highlighted it with sparkly rhinestones and a white gel pen. I also lightly inked the edges of the die cut with the same plum ink which I stamped the sentiment in. Rounded the corners off at the bottom, and the card was done!

Have you rummaged through your stamp collection yet? What have you pulled out that you'd like to use in a project soon? Leave a comment, would love to hear!

Be back again real soon with another stamp and another card.
Until then, Happy Crafting!

Guest Post at Aalayam

Good Morning! It's totally my kind of day today - slightly cold, the scent of a light drizzle from last night, and birds shaking off their wet feathers on rooftops, chirping away!

I'd like to share with you all a wonderful blog that one of my girl pals co-writes - Aalayam. Here's what the writers say about their blog -

Aalayam is co-authored by Deepa and Supriya. We are passionate about living the good life and by extension we love design, d├ęcor, travel, photography, good food, and the vast richness of world culture! The entries in Aalayam will reflect our ethnic Indian culture while juxtaposing the global appeal for readers, followers and pinners from all over the world. Via feature posts on topics as varied as the red ochre of the Warli paintings to the weft weave of the Ikkat dyeing, Aalayam will strive to be an intellectually and visually stimulating experience for our readers. Come join us at Aalayam! 

Supriya & I go way back. We went to the same school and have had some great times together. And it's so wonderful to be able to stay in touch and be connected, even after all these years! That we both love everything arty and chic and eclectic just makes the friendship even more colourful and sort of close to the heart :)

I'm guest posting there! I have a really fun and easy DIY project for you. So head over to Aalayam to see my post.

Have a wonderful day you all!
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project Christmas Stamps: Stamp 1

Hey there! 'tis the season, already! Gosh, where does time go?!

The other day I was clearing up my (very) messy craft room and now it looks so much better, I can actually see the floor!! While working on Little Miss' birthday party projects I seemed to have pulled out e.v.e.r.y one of my craft supplies, although for the life of me, I can't imagine why! And then weeks and weeks after that I had simply let things pile on there, always closing the door to that room as if if I did that some little elves would come in and clean up the room for me at night.

Anyway, I totally have this rather annoying habit of digressing way too often, ha! Now, while I cleared up the room (yeah, those elves never came!) I dug into my rubber stamps' drawers and picked some Christmas themed ones. I thought I'd do a series about cards I make using each of those stamps. You know, have some fun, get creative (and justify the years 'n' years of hoarding.)

So here's the first in the said series, that I'll call Project Christmas Stamps ( makes me feel good 'cos it sounds oh-so-grand!)

This stamp is something I picked up...Mmm...I tell you, I forget!! I have no idea when and where I bought this one, but I have it and I inked it. I remember now - at Riot Art & Craft Store! I bought a bunch of these really cute itty bitty Christmas stamps last year...and this is one of them.

Here's the card I made. Just a clean and simple card - 4x6, chocolate brown base, layered with pattern paper from K&Co (which I had picked up like ages ago, seriously!) and a banner stamped with the sentiment. Can it get easier than that? Oh and some bling and faux stitching, of course :)

Do you have any Christmas themed stamps (or any stamp) that you've been wanting to ink up? Leave a comment here, I would love to hear from you!

See you again tomorrow with another stamp and another card :)

Until then, Happy Crafting!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I think I'll move onto other stuff...

Hey there! I was 'supposed' to finish my post on all the exciting projects I took on for Little Miss' First Birthday Party, but, sadly, I do not have ANY pictures of the party favors I made :( Aargh! I could smack myself! I guess in all the excitement and anxiety of getting them done, all packed and ready to go I did not stop for one moment and think, 'Hang on, lemme quickly get a few pictures to put on my blog...'. Nope, didn't do that and now I don't have any pictures of the finished projects. Sigh!

But, anyway, let me at least tell you what the goodie-bags had in them -

I bought some notebooks from a local store here and covered them in colourful and pretty scrapbook paper in the theme colours. Then I used the stamp set Quinn's ABCs from Lawn Fawn and stamped each notebook, on the cover, with the respective child's name. It makes for a fun personalised gift.

Then, I made some bag toppers for 4x6 size self sealing clear bags and filled them with some Hershey's Kisses. I might have had a picture of one of those which was an extra one, but husby darling had sneaked it into the car for a 'snack-on-the-go'! Pfft!

And then the rest of the things I filled in were all store-bought little goodies.

Now for some yummy in the tummy for the kids, I  made some savoury corn, zucchini and cheese muffins, loosely based on this recipe. I made some good old frosted cupcakes with sprinkles, colourful (and healthy) fruit skewers. Rest were store bought cookies and nibbles. Oh, yeah I printed out water bottle labels with every child's name. It added a nice touch to the table, apart from being very practical ;)

And then, thanks to Pinterest, I made this colourful pompom bunting to put on Little Miss' high chair, you know, all the small details, etc. But don't know how but it somehow ended being a funky accessory for the birthday girl :)

So now I think I sort of have a closure! That post was hanging on unfinished way too long, plus I have other exciting projects to share :)
And moral of the story for me: Be more organised and take lots of pictures. Always with a blog post in mind :)

Happy Crafting!