Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm back...finally!

Hello there! I finally decided I need to get back to blogging :) It's been way too long!

I had most of my craft stuff stowed away as we needed to clear out some space for family who were visiting. We couldn't let the poor things unpack and sleep amidst glue, glitter and loads of paper, could we? So with that went my mojo, all packed and out of the way :( How I missed crafting!
And then, eventually, I did pull out things from their hiding, one by one, but then I had a lot of things on my mind, had a lot of sorting out to do and so...not crafting, not taking pictures and not blogging wasn't really that hard. In fact it seemed like an easier option then. So days went by, and then weeks and then months! Although, I did manage to occasionally take some time and play with my stamps 'n' paper. And I did some shopping too :)

So here I am! Back to regular blogging (hopefully).

I thought I'd share with you the things I've been upto the past couple of weeks...

First up, I finally, FINALLY, organised my crafting space! Before, everything would be strewn across my table and I somehow managed to put my projects together in the 6x6 clear space I had, LOL! But now, thanks to husby darling who got me some much needed storage solutions, everything is now neatly tucked away in drawers, boxes, shelves and baskets. That way, I have more elbow space on my table.

I got these gorgeous pattern paper packs, yum!

 a pack of 12x12 pattern papers from Spotlight
I bought this lovely K&Co paper pad from this Etsy store

And then, these are some altered note pads I worked on today. They were so much fun!

Whew! Feels so good to be back :)
I think I've done well enough for the grand 'come-back post'! Will leave you with these for now and will be back with more news and more crafty things to share :)

Until then, happy crafting!