Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Year and hopefully New and Better Habits!

Hey there!

Pathetic is just the word that springs right at me when I see my last post!
What started as a nice decent series ended even before it even took off properly, sheesh!
Well, here's to the New Year and new beginnings (hopefully!)

We just got back from a much-deserved holiday and it was destination California! Three whole weeks well spent with family, lots of laughter, lots of love and lots of shopping!

I for one couldn't help shaking my head in vigorous approval when I saw all the scrumptious craft goodies, and at such affordable prices too! So it's no big wonder that I bought quite a load of exciting crafting supplies. But right now, they all have to be organised, neatly so they work their magic on me and I actually put them to some good use. I need to get working on my craft room, enough with the excuses I guess!

So, here's hoping that this new year brings with it all things positive, all things fun and all things happy!
Wishing you all a creative, crafty and wonderful 2013!

Happy Crafting!