Monday, March 29, 2010

Good friends are life's little treasures!

Husby darling & I went visiting our friends yesterday. We dropped by at three different homes, all in one evening and on our way back home I couldn't help thinking how blessed we are to have found these gems! Truly, good friends are forever :) 

This card I made says all about me - 'a friend and some coffee' - the combo can hardly go wrong!

And now, about the card itself...although I love how this card looks, a closer look will tell you how important it is to print digi stamps on quality card stock. I printed this particular one on a piece of scrap white and it just revolted against the water colour pencils. So, lesson learnt - don't take card stock for granted.

Featured here on the card are Joyce and Marcy from In Style Stamps . I love how much fun you can have with the look of the girls, just dress them up in your favourite colours and patterns.

Back soon with more. 
Happy Crafting!