Monday, November 12, 2012

I think I'll move onto other stuff...

Hey there! I was 'supposed' to finish my post on all the exciting projects I took on for Little Miss' First Birthday Party, but, sadly, I do not have ANY pictures of the party favors I made :( Aargh! I could smack myself! I guess in all the excitement and anxiety of getting them done, all packed and ready to go I did not stop for one moment and think, 'Hang on, lemme quickly get a few pictures to put on my blog...'. Nope, didn't do that and now I don't have any pictures of the finished projects. Sigh!

But, anyway, let me at least tell you what the goodie-bags had in them -

I bought some notebooks from a local store here and covered them in colourful and pretty scrapbook paper in the theme colours. Then I used the stamp set Quinn's ABCs from Lawn Fawn and stamped each notebook, on the cover, with the respective child's name. It makes for a fun personalised gift.

Then, I made some bag toppers for 4x6 size self sealing clear bags and filled them with some Hershey's Kisses. I might have had a picture of one of those which was an extra one, but husby darling had sneaked it into the car for a 'snack-on-the-go'! Pfft!

And then the rest of the things I filled in were all store-bought little goodies.

Now for some yummy in the tummy for the kids, I  made some savoury corn, zucchini and cheese muffins, loosely based on this recipe. I made some good old frosted cupcakes with sprinkles, colourful (and healthy) fruit skewers. Rest were store bought cookies and nibbles. Oh, yeah I printed out water bottle labels with every child's name. It added a nice touch to the table, apart from being very practical ;)

And then, thanks to Pinterest, I made this colourful pompom bunting to put on Little Miss' high chair, you know, all the small details, etc. But don't know how but it somehow ended being a funky accessory for the birthday girl :)

So now I think I sort of have a closure! That post was hanging on unfinished way too long, plus I have other exciting projects to share :)
And moral of the story for me: Be more organised and take lots of pictures. Always with a blog post in mind :)

Happy Crafting!


Priyam H said...

Just came across your blog and love it. I love the little details you add to your parties.

-Priyam @

Divya@The Craft Angel said...

Thank you Priyam!