Friday, July 29, 2011

What little boys like

I just finished whipping up a batch of 'cards for little boys'. It was a recent order from a client, Megan Kate Tregilgas, who owns a charming little shop in Willoughby, Sydney.

I was all smiles when I first visited her store. It's so colourful 'n' pretty. The shop holds an eclectic mix of accessories, stationery, gifts, homeware, baby 'n' kids stuff - you just have to see it for yourself. Most of the products are exclusively crafted by artists around Australia. You'll find The Craft Angel's handmade creations on the shelves too :-) So if you live in Sydney, or if you're visiting, do drop in at the Megan Kate Emporium in Willoughby where some cute 'n' interesting purchase is a sure find :-)                                                               Like this adorable little giraffe we picked up for our little bun in the oven :-)

Okay, so about the cards for little boys...I was immediately thinking of dinosaurs, space crafts and robots :-) And Megan also suggested a 'farm animals theme', which works great for children's cards. So here are some cards I made -

I didn't make any with the space or robot theme. But I did have fun making these simple yet cute cards with a set of super cute graphics -

So much fun! You can see I clearly get very excited about crafting :-)

I think I'll end this post here, after the heavy overload of pictures!
Back soon with more projects.
Until then, happy crafting!


Tejal said...

ooh I love the cards...I love the graphics you found for so cute!! you have to please please forward me the links to these graphics!!

I love the giraffe..all cute!!

Divya@The Craft Angel said...

Thanks Tejal! I buy the graphics from There are actually loads of places you can buy them. I simply look for what I want on Google images and I get the links to the sites from there. Hope you find some fun stuff too :)

Spardha said...

AWWW!.. super super adorably cute cards!.. you are sooo on a roll! :D *touchwood*