Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Layer Cards haven't been this fun!

Stamp once, stamp twice, stamp all over and voila! You have a super simple and super cute one layer card. And if you love colouring, this is a treat :)

I'd been itching to ink up the Anya stamp and the Robot stamp. This was so much fun!

I think this is a clever technique to create colourful cards in a jiffy. Great as card sets for gifts. They're so versatile. Love the idea! I also like how this has made me look at all my stamps in a whole new perspective. I'm now overwhelmed with how many several ways one stamp can be used :) So stare at your stamps a wee bit longer and get the creativity flowing!

Happy crafting!


Tejal said...

Such cute cards...simple and fast and easy!! and that baby stamp is so so darn cute!!! I'm just waiting to see mommy and baby girl bonding over making cards...you stamping and she scribbling away!!!

Divya@The Craft Angel said...

Thanks Tejal :-)

Spardha said...

Super fun cards with such a clever technique! :D