Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bout of Crafting!

Here I am again! Considering the slow trickle of posts, I can see how I might have given you all the impression of me being a lazy, uncommitted and inconsistent blogger. Well, it's not all wrong...part of it is true. However, (excuses, excuses) there is a reason for my sluggish behaviour though and it's a sweet little reason :-)
Here are some cards I made recently, now let's see if you can guess 'the' reason -

Yes! Our little bundle of joy will be here in September!

The mommy-to-be-ride hasn't been all fun. Nasty nausea took over the first trimester, that clearly meant no crafting activities :( The second trimester was a soothing relief. The joy of pregnancy actually kicked in - the glow, feeling special, the works :-) And now, in my third trimester, I'm constantly exhausted! But I do enjoy spending time crafting. It soothes me and keeps me occupied so I don't go white with anxiety about the coming times. All in all, pregnancy is beautiful! I'm now looking forward to meeting our little girl. I can already imagine bonding with her on those crafty afternoons :-)

Happy crafting!


Tejal said...

CONGRATULATIONS mommy to be!! That is some fantastic news!!!!
So you already know its a girl? wowza!!
Wishing you a wonderful journey through the rest of the months and looking forward to seeing her pic soon!!

Ujjwal said...

I can totally see baby on your mind through those cards :D

Congratulations and can't wait to see your little bundle of joy arrive :)

Divya@The Craft Angel said...

Thank you girls :-)

Spardha said...

super duper adorable cards!.. :D
Congratulations! :)
take loads of good are!.. and do keep blogging! ;)

Sneha said...

all the cards are a real beauty...!!!
take rest & enjoy this wait...