Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Craft Angel's first stall and Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, I'm now officially The Craft Angel. How's that for a cute name? :) My craft stall was a great experience. And although I can't really say I sold a lot, I got so many appreciating smiles and positive comments that I'm so, so glad! It's so comforting and rewarding. There will be many more stalls in the future, yes there will. I'm more confident and conscious about what people are looking for, what they like and what appeals. I've also got a bunch of fresh new ideas that I want to execute, all in good time :) Overall, it was a rich learning experience and a tremendously encouraging one.  Truly glad I did it! And thanks to husby darling for being just that and thanks A, and H&A for being there, as always :) Love you guys!

And yeah, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! May all our lives be filled with love and laughter.


Spardha said...

wow!!.. grt name!.. congrats on ur new company!.. awesome new card! :D

Divya Rao said...

Thanks Spardha :)