Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treasure from Trash!

Strange thing, you know, when I open a fresh bar of soap I don't throw away the box immediately. I kind of like the lingering smell it has...and that's one of my weird things, I just leave it on the counter, only to pick it up later during my routine cleaning and toss it into the bin. Yesterday was one of those days and I just held on to the soap box 'cos I had an idea; especially after the blog hop at Caardvarks, I was inspired by all the pretty decorative packaging ideas I'd seen.
So, I opened up the box carefully and traced around it on a piece of patterned paper, scored and folded along the lines and made myself this pretty little decorative box! It can hold candies, buttons, tiny stamps, trinkets...anything! I think it's a great idea for gift-giving over the holidays.
I know I'm going to make several of these, so I went ahead and made myself a template using some heavy card stock ('cos the original soap box was almost in tatters by the time I finished opening it up!). I think I'm going to put all such templates into a folder for easy access.

I thought I'd make more using other empty cartons lying around in my kitchen. Will be back with something :)

Until next time...cheers!


Juhi said...

Wow this is beautiful Divya, great idea too, I'll also try it sometime.

happy Crafting!!

shiljay said...
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Spardha said...

This is such a grt idea!.. and the box luks soo very pretty adorned with tiny li'l stamps.. thanks fr sharing! :)

Divya Rao said...

Thanks girls! Your comments are always a delight :)