Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trash from Treasure - II

I'm back with another 'found-in-the-house' project! I was just about to throw away an empty sultanas carton, but didn't quite. As you might have guessed...opened it up carefully, traced around it and then cut + fold + decorate + glue together = a darling box! I thought I'd use it to hold a set of cards, perfect little gift for someone who loves pretty stationery 'n' stuff :)

I kind of struggled with the picture...couldn't find the right angle. The flap on top is open. Have to figure out a few techniques to get better pictures. One day...I will :)

Until next time...cheers!


Spardha said...

awesome creation.. as usual!.. hey, u cn visit www.kwernerdesign.om.. she once made a post bout how to potograph creations.. all da best! :D

Juhi said...

very beautiful Divya, love the subdued and elegant colors......