Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crafting as a Mommy!

Our Little Miss turned One! Gosh, where does time go?? It was only like yesterday when she was born...

First Birthday Party = Loads of crafting fun for me! It's really hard to explain the profound joy I found in making (almost) everything for my baby's special day. I had so much fun and all the while I had a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart. I thought I'd share all my projects with you lovely crafty people. Hope it inspires you to plan a fun party soon, you know, just like that?

I was quite ambitious when I started planning, which was about a month and a half ago. I wanted to make most of the things myself - the invites, the party hats, favor bags (+the favors), buntings, decorations, the cake, a photo booth, and a whole lot of other things, phew! But somewhere along the way, I decided it was all getting too much, even for me! So I skipped the party hats and...yeah, just the party hats :) Oh and yeah, the photo booth props. There's a whole story behind that, but I'll spare my woes!

I'll split the projects into a couple of posts as I don't want to cram everything in one long, never-ending picture-heavy post!

The theme was 'Sprinkles'. Actually, it ended up being more of a 'Colourful Dots' kind of a thing. Sia (my baby) had a cute onesie that was white and had these little polka dots in orange, fuchsia, turquoise, green and yellow and the inspiration came from there, weird huh? I kind of liked those colours together, and no offense, but I thought the 'fairy' or 'princess' theme had been really, really overdone everywhere, and so I simply picked a colourful, yet girly 'n' pretty theme. (I may have to do a 'princess' party after all, once my little girl is big enough to say she wants one, but until then it will just have to be mommy's choice, ha!)

With these colours in mind and a sort of polka-dot theme happening, I started off with designing the invites. I must say, I heavily relied on my wonderful 'n' efficient Silhouette for most of the party projects. I made a very simple cupcake-shaped card for the invites.

Decorations next. I didn't want to go overboard with the party decorations. I knew I didn't want the usual suspects - balloons and streamers. So I went for tissue paper pom-poms. I know they're already on the verge of being 'too common' these days, but I'd never made them and this was the perfect opportunity. I made them in all the colours of the theme. 

They were so so easy to make and very economical too! The tissue paper packs were about a $1 each! And the colours were easy to find, which made me a very happy mommy :) 

Next I made a 'Happy Birthday' bunting, again using all the colours of the theme. 

We did have some balloons in the end, but we decided to just leave some around on the floor for the kids to pick up and play with. But that's pretty much the decoration bit - simple, colourful and cute. Checked all my boxes :)

For the photo booth, I had a vibrant, fun, colourful backdrop in mind. There were a lot of ideas, including finding a polka-dotted sheet, painting a large frame, etc, but in the end I made these. I kind of don't know what to call them, buntings? paper garlands? I punched out a bunch of circles in all the party colours and went to town with my sewing machine :) They did take me a while to make, but I loved the end result! 

I think that's enough material for one post :) Will be back with the food and party favors in my next post.
Until then, happy crafting!

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Sowjanya said...

Love the theme Divya.. So simple and yet girly. I couldn't agree more that the whole princess theme has just been overdone. I did a bee themed party for Nithya's second birthday party in July this year. This character called Buzz Bee also happens to be her fav cartoon character.

So, I didn't do as many of the crafty things as you did but enjoyed making a black and yellow hexagonal bunting and designing a bee themed online invitation among other things. I think I enjoyed the party more than she did :)

Happy bday to Sia.. And here's to many more party planning ideas :)

Divya Rao said...

Thanks Sowjanya! Bee theme sounds nice, have to keep that in mind for the next party :)