Monday, September 24, 2012

Putting in some Love into our (new) Home...finally!

A bright 'n' cheery 'Hello' on a lovely morning!

One thing checked off my work-in-progress list.

We moved into our own little nest about three months ago and I'm still amazed (and kind of disappointed) that I haven't given our new home enough TLC. There are ideas sitting in my head but I just haven't got around them yet. We only recently made up our minds about the arrangement for the family room and finally got the two chairs we'd been musing about. I had my mind set on either paprika or mango (colours for the chair! Although I could do with some slices of mango with paprika sprinkled on them, yum!) but somehow at the store I suddenly changed my mind and we got dark grey ones. With Pinterest in my life, the whole equation changes you see. There's an explosion of ideas and inspiration and sadly, nobody really accepts Monopoly money! So neutral is always safer. Any time we feel like a change of decor, we just have to change the accents and not all the furniture! 

Anyway, so we set up this nice little seating area and then the wall started looking really bare. So I pulled out one idea I had inside my forever-teeming-with-craft-ideas head. I knew I'd make something in true Indian style - lots of bright colours and it had to have elephants in there somewhere. So I made these canvases. The idea was to make something like pop art, but ideas always change along the way, and mostly for the better I'd say :)

And before you go 'Wow! How did she paint those elephants so neatly?', I'll let you in on my little secret - I did not! Ever since I had the idea of colourful elephants on a solid background, I was hammering my brains as to how I would actually draw them, you know so they look like elephants, heh! Then I had a light-bulb moment and I decided to print out the picture in its full glory and Mod Podge it onto the canvas! Sometimes, the simple solution is just lurking around the corner, no? And I didn't have to worry about fussy cutting, I simply let my Silhouette do it for me :) All I did was paint the canvases in a solid colour and the rest was just a matter of PVA glue and Mod Podge. Oh, by the way, the image is something I found on the Internet and meant for personal use only. Unfortunately, I did not note the source :( 

I'm We're really happy with how they look so bright 'n' cheery 'n' Indian on our wall! What do you think?

Happy Crafting!


Studio V said...

Beautiful decor Divya.. I am also just a few months away from moving into my bungalow and can't wait to get started with some creative projects to enhance the interiors.

Seeing your work has surely inspired me to start as soon as I settle down :)

Hussena said...

Oh these looks so gorgeous Divya!! and i actually was wondering how you had drawn and colored the elephants ....when i read your post it became clear of course!!..but truly its the idea which counts...and this one is a wowzer!!

Armandina Skerl said...

It took you 3 months to finally decide to transform your new house? Why? Anyway, better late than never! I hope you’re enjoying the renovation / redecoration of your new house.

Carmen Monrovia said...

I’m kind of surprised to know that you didn’t re-decorate or renovate your house right after you purchased it. It’s the first thing that homeowners do, right? Like what Armandina said, it’s better late than never. From the looks of it, I can sense that you are enjoying the transformation. Keep it up!

Sara Owens said...

It’s never too late for this! I think you just deeply brood over how you’re going to decorate your room. That’s why it took you months before you finally came up with something beautiful like this. Well, we have our own unique ways in order to give our home a facelift. ;)