Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mini Album

I found this project on the internet. It was a lot of fun to put together. I'm gonna be making more of these :)

More pictures in my Etsy store.

I'm sending this over to the toilet paper mini album competetion hosted by Scrap Book Crazy About Mini Albums.

Happy crafting!


AshKuku said...

Very beautiful & compact memories... Well put up.... & the capture makes it seem so alive for us.... :-)


Tejal said...

It is really gorgeous..could you possibly give me the link to the tutorial? its really awesome!

Spardha said...

wow!.. beautiful!!.. sooo yummy chocolaty colour!.. love the flowers! :)

peata said...

cute mini.

Divya Rao said...

Thanks everyone:)

Tejal: You just need to type in 'toilet paper roll album' on You Tube and you'll find several tutorials. Crazy About Mini Albums (link in my post) has a good one.

Peata: Thanks :) I've entered the competetion.