Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sketchfest Tuesday

'A stitch in time saves nine'...well I'm not actually referring to the proverb, I just needed a line to brag about my new sewing machine :) Thanks dear husby, it's a great gift.
I'd seen so many beautiful, smart cards with stitching on them and I was all excited to try it. I was very nervous though, and it shows in my card, oopsie! But I'll get there :) The stitch speed was in the least setting as I nervously slid the cardstock through. I figured it's not all that hard, but I definitely need more practice.

Anyways, I made this card for Caardvark's Sketchfest Tuesday. The card isn't great and the picture isn't helping it at all! But I'm still beaming about my sewing machine, so...:)

Here's their sketch -

Until next time...cheers!


Juhi said...

Hey congrats about your sewing machine, I also have to convince my hubby to get me one ;) the stitching on the card, now you can try out so many kinds of stitches on your cards.........have fun!!

Divya Rao said...

Thanks Juhi! Yeah, make him get you one :) It's fun!