Thursday, July 3, 2008

A shell in my bathroom!

I wanted to do something to add colour and character to my bathroom. I came up with this project. It's very simple to make, but adds a certain charm to my plain white tiled wall.

You need:

  • ready-to-use artist's canvas (I bought mine at a dollar store)

  • crayons in shades of blue and green (for the 'aqua' effect)

  • a sea shell (available at craft stores or dollar stores in a bag)

  • glass droplets/bubbles (also available at dollar stores)

  • strong glue
  1. With the crayons, colour the canvas in shades of green and blue, in several layers.

  2. When you're happy with the background, stick the shell firmly in the centre.

  3. Finish by gluing on the glass droplets as a border.

You can make several of these with a different shell in each and hang them on your bathroom wall.