Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Makeover!

I'm running out of space to hoard my numerous empty jars 'n' bottles! Husby darling is quite accustomed to the sight of a couple of glass bottles soaking in warm soapy water in the sink every few days, LOL! I just can't help it, those jars look too good to be thrown away after having served their original purpose loyally - mostly jams, sauces and juice :) And they're so pretty too, so many different interesting shapes and sizes! So I religiously give them a good scrubbing, get rid of all the stickers and icky sticky stuff and stow them away with a firm belief that they'll be put to some good use soon.

And today was the day :) I picked one little (jam) jar and decided to give it a makeover. Nothing fancy and garish, just some simple dressing up. Take a look -

You could fill it up with some candy...

or some buttons for a crafty friend :)
Or just about anything - homemade hot chocolate mix, cookie mix, etc.

What a fun way to make a quick 'n' easy gift with that special 'handmade' touch!

So next time you scoop out the last spoon of jam, stop, remember, clean and stow away!

Happy crafting!


Deepti Aggarwal said...

wow.. what a idea.. its looking shoo tempting...

Spardha said...

WOW!.. love it!.. the shape looks awesome and the colours you used are soo bright! :D

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Wow, pretty creation.