Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

I hadn't even noticed this adorable stamp until now, wow! I don't know how I missed it. Probably because I have so (in)efficiently organised my clear stamps (rapidly growing much to husby's bewilderment). I don't think I have to be very explicit about my fetish for craft supplies, especially stamps. One look at my craft cupboard (and shelves and drawers and random boxes) will say it all! Oh I digress. So, this stamp...now isn't it just adorable? I just had to use it :) I mean, look at it - 

Here's my card -

I have to do something about my blog layout. I hate to see my pics shrink so much to fit in :(

And the inside - 

Isn't that patterned paper just gorgeous? I found it at a Target in the US. A whole pack for 99c!! *Sigh* it's a pity you don't come across such bargains here. So, I digress, again :)

This card, I guess, was more like a card I gave myself. I'm in the last of my twenties now, I can feel the cliched panic setting in. I think it's high time I took the road less travelled. I mean, I do really want to do something, pursue my passion and I'm willing to take all the roads that hold promises to help me get where I want to be!


Juhi said...

The stamp is truly lovely Divya and so is the sentiment, beautiful card.......

Kishley said...

Loved the stamp. & yes, the paper is really really lovely. :)

And even i feel the same about following my heart n all.. but then, even i dont know where to start from :D maybe one day i will..

Divya Rao said...

Thank you Juhi :)

Kishley, just follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Good luck :)