Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My First Digital Image - Coffee Trio (Freebie)

I was trying something yesterday, you know, just experimenting. I was attempting to create a simple digital image. Coffee being something I love, this seemed quite easy to do :) However, I've used really, really primitive methods to make this one! There are so many cool tools and loads of software available today to digitise sketches and images. And I'm thinking they're not as simple as I think they'd be! I'm yet to explore. Well, how's this for starters?

Click on the picture, right click to save the image on to your computer and enjoy!

Just a few tips from my experience with this image:
Preferably, open it in Word or PPT. - Open a new Word or PPT document and 'Insert' 'Picture' from the folder saved.
To set transperancy, double click the picture and under 'format' - 'recolour' choose 'set transparent colour'.
Reisze and print on your preferred card stock/paper.

Hope I haven't made it too complicated!

Have fun! I'd love to see how you've used this image in your creations. Please leave me a comment if you do use it in a project.

Happy crafting!


Spardha said...

omg wow!!.. u rock!! :D.. thanks soo much! :D

Tejal said...

Your are truly living up to your name..great work..could you tell me what kind of software you used..I'm keen on learning this kind of work!

Great work..

Divya Rao said...

Spardha: Glad you like it :) Do put up some pics if you use it in a project, would love to see it.

Tejal: Thanks :) For this image I've used the very basic PPT and an image manipulating software called 'gimp'.