Thursday, January 7, 2010

Made something, felt good :)

I've brought back so many beautiful memories from our holiday! Even while we were there, seeing places, doing fun stuff and taking pictures, the thought of getting back and making some scrapbook layouts always lurked around somewhere in my excited mind. And then, I had all that lovely craftsy stuff that I'd bought, so I worked on a couple of scrapbook layouts. I picked some of my favourite pictures that I want to send to some very special people back in the US. I won't post the pictures of my pages just yet, 'cos I want it to be a surprise and don't want them seeing all of it right now :) I should be mailing them in a couple of days, so will be back with some pictures soon.


Spardha said...

WoW11.. really w8ing for da pic!.. dying to c ur new stuff ! :D